Colettes Courses : Services
Property Purchase ...

Help given with all aspects of house purchasing or sale of property.

Buying or selling property is a daunting task at the best of times; doing it in French is even more so!
Assistance provided for all your purchase and sale concerns

  • Choosing estate agents
  • Understanding what to expect during the buying/selling process
  • Choosing and liasing with your “notaire”
  • Translation of documents or attending appointments with the notaire
  • Post purchase including property insurance, utilities etc.


Car Registration ...

Help given to register yourself or your vehicle.

You are now safely moved into your new French home; unless you have lived in France before you may be in for a few surprises trying to sort out how to be a “legal citizen”.

  • Registering yourself with your “mairie”
  • Health cover  - what are your entitlements
  • Motor car – how to re- register your car


Working in France ...

All you need to know to get your business up and running.

Starting a business in France is very different from any previous experience you may have had! There is a lot more paperwork involved; while it is easy to fall foul of the system if you are not properly informed it is also possible to get a lot of useful help if you ask the right questions and go to the right people.

  1. Help given assessing your opportunities and needs
  2. Advice given about help available to you and who to see
  3. Official paperwork completed and translations done if required.
  4. On going support with paperwork also possible.

This is just an example of the French language services available; if your need is for something else, please get in touch. Use the email on the contact page to send a message.


Fees: Costs ...

Fees are calculated on the basis of the work involved. I will charge hourly for attendance at a notaire’s office.
For example to complete a house purchase.
Translation work varies according to the subject matter.
And on-going help will be according to your requirements.

I will be happy to discuss all your questions and flexibility is possible.